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When you’re a student, because we all became students at some point in our lives, you always have a favorite subject in school. There are also subjects that you dislike and even hate at some point. The subject could be too complex or difficult to understand. Perhaps, you do not find the subject interesting at all because you find it boring. For me, Biology is one of those subjects that I’d rather skip.


It was an unfortunate day at school for me because they sent us a tough assignment on Biology. It was a big requirement and it will drastically affect the final grades. I was not happy about it. It was not a team-oriented task so I figured that I have to find my own way to answer the assignment. By using a search engine, I browsed online for homework and assignment help. I found which is a unique and special site that aims to help students in their homeworks. I realized that I found the right site. Here’s what I think about their service based on my experience with them.


The Studyfaq site and how it looks


By simply looking at their homepage, I immediately noticed the very simple but effective interface that they had. On the first page, you will be asked to create an account first. However, you can immediately type in your question in the box in the middle. When you click on “Get Help Now,” they will automatically generate an account with password for you. You will get your password via your email. For me, this feature is quite helpful because setting up an account the usual way takes a lot of time since you need to input several fields on the page.

studyfaq image 1

Interesting feature: Local time adjustment 

Upon creating my account, I was instantly asked to adjust my time accordingly to my preferred time zone. This is an awesome feature if you ask me. This ensures that there are no discrepancies in the time. This is critical because deadlines must be set clearly. If the times are not coordinated, there could be misunderstanding and missed deadlines in the process.

studyfaq image 2

Processing the order and pricing 

After adjusting the time to reflect my current time zone, the next page was the Order page. It is quite convenient that they immediately brought me to this page. The next thing to do is to simply fill in the blanks:

  • Topic
  • Subject
  • of pages
  • Deadline
  • Question

studyfaq image 3

The whole ordering process is pretty straightforward. After requesting for an order, I was shown the bids of many tutors who desires to answer my homework question. In a matter of minutes, I had several choices and I had to review each writer’s profile first before making a decision. Eventually, I chose the person with an amazing rating and best price to make sure that I get the best deal possible.

Tutors background 

The tutors will bid on and answer your question. They will do the hard research and formulating the right answers to your query. I think it’s essential that these tutors are experts in many fields. I looked around the site and I learned that they have a strict process in place for screening tutors. They only hire those who have good credentials. In line with this, they also have a long written exam to verify the skills and knowledge of the tutor. Thanks to this, I’m confident that my question will be answered thoroughly without any errors.

Impressive customer support 

In almost all industries, customer support is highly important. When a customer has urgent concerns or questions, it should be addressed immediately to keep the customer happy. As for me, I tried their live chat feature found on their site. Access it anywhere from the site. There’s a shortcut situated at the bottom of the screen. My concern was I needed to change a requirement for the question. The Biology professor put in this requirement on the last minute because he was looking for an in-depth answer. The person I talked to from customer support was responsive and my issue was solved on the spot in a few minutes. I am highly satisfied with the speed and accuracy of their customer support team.

Output quality 

The first impression that I had when I got my paper was wow. The answer was in-depth and easy to understand. The paragraphs were clear and the message was delivered properly. The information is organized in a logical order which was helpful. I understood the answer myself so I can defend it in class if needed. Overall, the quality of their service and product is just great. I will get their services again for future tasks and assignments.


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